Our Advantages

Our Expertise is in the development and manufacture of quality products for a diverse market range.


Rolbit provides quality products certified and tested to various standards such as UL, CE and TUV depending upon the country the products are sold in. Our products are globally approved to be used and sold worldwide.


Rolbit’s customers always receive the best service from our highly skilled and trained work force. Service is provided by professional personnel that can address customer concerns quickly and efficiently.


Rolbit can produce either low scale orders in small batches or mass production of high volume orders.


Rolbit exports to the U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Spain, France and other European countries in all over the world.

A Bit About Us

Rolbit LTD has been dedicated for the past 34 years Rolbit has beendeveloping pioneering products to air condition units, Zone control and building management systems.

Our mission is to providing the highest quality standard, comfort and service by manufacture and market controllers, thermostats and other electronic products.

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